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cbd tincture sublingual oral mist.png


Dietary Supplement / Oral Spray
500mg Cannabidiol (CBD)
1fl oz | 30 mL

DESCRIPTION: The great tasting all natural formula comprises extractions of 5 botanicals via distinct methods to release different qualities of the herbal substances-creating a uniquely blissful entourage effect.

Combining these botanicals on a scientific level encourages an increase in your natural Endocannabinoids- influencing receptor interactions, magnifying the performance and potential for healing.

Used daily as a dietary supplement customers have reported the Magic Mist promotes a calm sense of well-being. A reduction in Joint Pain*, Swelling*, Inflammation*, Anxiety*, Symptoms of Arthritis*, Symptoms of PMS* & Menstrual Cramps*. While also improving Sleep*, Health of Skin & Hair*, Energy Levels, Cardiovascular Circulation & Function*, Recovery of Muscles After Exercise*.

cbd herbal salve.png


Herbal Salve

250mg Cannabidiol (CBD)

1.75 FL OZ

DESCRIPTION: The soft, soothing Herbal Salve combines a proprietary blend of herbal substances and botanicals with the restorative power of CBD. With no psychoactive effects our all natural formula stimulates the healing and regeneration process, delivering targeted relief making fragile skin strong for radiant renewal. The formula penetrates while simultaneously stimulating the senses to sooth pain, and irritation with ingredients proven to deliver targeted relief and rejuvenation. Complementing the skin's natural healing process with the restorative power of CBD.

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500mg Cannabidiol CBD (approx 2mg per pump)

1 FL. OZ. | 30 mL

Whether used in combination with a professional massage or in the privacy of your home, the Alchemy Deep Relief Massage oil penetrates the skin to deliver targeted relief.

reducing inflammation

reducing chronic pain

improving skin health

alleviating anxiety and stress

fights the signs of aging

Combined with massage, the deep relief oil...

improves blood circulation

stimulates your lymphatic system

can detox your body

boosts skin health

soothes digestive disorders

rejuvenates your mind and soul

promotes healing sleep


These products are for professional use only. In order to join the Private Group and purchase, you must be a Licensed Esthetician. Active status of license will be verified prior to being accepted to the Private Group.

cbd microneedling serum.png


21 | 2ml treatments

7 treatments / syringe

1050mg Total Cannabidiol

50mg per treatment

The Micro-needling serum leverages the powers of Cannabidiol CBD to awaken the cells and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate. Diminishing the signs of aging and addressing many skin concerns.

Suggested use: After cleansing and toning, apply ifinity™️ Micro-needling serum to area being treated, avoiding eye area. Micro-needle into the skin.

cbd nanoneedling infusion serum.png


30 1mL treatments
15 treatments / syringe
1500mg Total Cannabidiol
50mg per treatment

A complex blend of rejuvenating oils unite with the powers of Cannabidiol CBD to awaken the cells. Diminishing the signs of aging and addressing many skin concerns.

Suggested use: After cleansing & exfoliation, apply ifinity™️ nano infusion serum to area being treated, avoiding eye area. Nano into the skin.