Lipo-Laser Body Slimming & Inch Loss

Lipo Laser is a non-surgical cold laser procedure that uses low level, laser-based light to reduce the stubborn, subcutaneous fat on targeted areas of your body.  Lipo Laser treatment reduces inches in targeted areas of the body including the Abdomen, Thighs, Arms, Underarms, Waist and Back.  Most clients will see circumferential reduction of fat loss in a treatment protocol in the abdominal region.  Other regions of treatments including Arms and Thighs will see fat loss proportionally as well.  Each region is treated as a Zone and results may vary depending on the size (BMI) and health of each client.



  • Pregnant

  • Nursing

  • Cancer Patient

  • Have a Pacemaker

  • Have any Implanted Electrical Medical Device

  • Have Epilepsy

  • Have Extreme Diabetes

How does Lipo Laser work?

During a Lipo Laser session, laser energy painlessly penetrates the skin and focuses on fat (adipose) cells.  This energy is in the form of low level laser-based light. 

When the light reaches the fat cells, they are stimulated to release their contents (water, triglycerides and free fatty acids), which instantly shrinks the fat cells and reduces inches in the targeted area.  The contents of the cells are drained into your lymphatic system where they are later metabolized or eliminated. 

The release of contents from fat cells is a completely natural and essential bodily function – it is how we utilize energy reserves for everyday life.  However, when we have too many energy stores in our body, it becomes troublesome fat and shows up in undesirable areas.  Lipo Laser accelerates the natural process of energy release from fat cells in targeted areas, resulting in a contoured body and loss of inches and cellulite. 

Following the Lipo Laser treatment, a whole body vibration platform is used to flush the lymphatic system and collect the fat that has been released from the fat cells.  The vibrations stimulate metabolism and increase circulation so that the fat is more readily eliminated.



1. How many treatments are recommended? - For the best results, we recommend at least 10 treatments.

2. How much will I lose? - Independent FDA results using the Lipo-Laser found an average circumference loss of 1/2" to 3" per treatment.  Please remember that individuals are different so results will vary.  The success of the session depends on your body's ability to detoxify emulsified cellular debris.  To improve your fat loss results after Lipo Laser, it is important to drink plenty of water and go through a detox regimen.  In addition, using body wraps and eating a healthy diet will also help to maximize your results. 

3. Are there any risks? - There are no known risks associated with low-level cold laser therapy.  This treatment causes no discomfort before, during or after the treatment.

4. Is it painful? - The Lipo Laser is applied externally and the session is completely pain free.  There is no anesthesia, no incisions, no needles, no healing, no recovery time and no downtime.

5.  Where on my body can I get it done? - Common requests include the waist, hips, thighs, buttock and upper arm. 

6. Will fat deposit somewhere else? - Fat removed by the laser is metabolized and removed by the body.  There is no evidence that this fat deposits elsewhere.

7. Do I have to diet? - The Lipo Laser procedure is not a program for losing weight or a cure for obesity.  The Lipo Laser is a fantastic way to remove inches in specific problem areas such as the waist, hips, thighs, buttock and arms.  It is site specific and not the best way to lose weight all over the body.  However, for some it may be a great way to "kick start" new lifestyle changes including good nutrition and proper exercise.

8. Can the fat return? - The Lipo-Laser does not damage or remove the fat cell from the body.  When the fat leaves the cells, the cells remain intact and collapse to their "unloaded" size.  Think of it as "a grape turning into a raisin".  If poor diet and lifestyle habits continue and greater calories are eaten than expended through activity then the body will store the excess calories and the fat cells may begin to retain fat again.  Long-term results will best be achieved through a healthy and active lifestyle. 

9. How many sessions can I do? - Many clients choose to do multiple sessions.  For example, after successful results on the waist, hips and thighs some clients want to go on to their arms and chin.  Other clients simply want to continue to work on the same region.  There have been no contraindications or side effects found from continued treatments. 

10. When will I see results? - Each individual is different and it depends on how long it takes the fat to work its way through your digestive system and out of the body.