Eliminink Tattoo Removal

EliminInk is a revolutionary method of ink extraction developed to remove body tattoos, permanent makeup & microblading quickly, easily and permanently.  There are many benefits to using EliminInk over other methods of tattoo removal.  The EliminInk tattoo removal treatment is less painful and faster than other treatment methods.  In many cases the EliminInk treatment is more effective than laser and requires fewer sessions to obtain satisfactory results.  Aftercare is simple and only requires that the patients follow a short set of instructions.


The EliminInk tattoo removal system works much like the original tattooing process, but instead of ink, it uses a solution formulated to bond with the original tattoo ink that draws the ink to the skin’s surface.  DermRenu, a scar inhibitor, is contained in the EliminInk product to help minimize or prevent scarring.  DermRenu is also sent home with the client as part of the aftercare treatment to aid in the natural healing process.

  • No expensive laser

  • No messy creams

  • No excision

  • Contains its own scar inhibitor

  • Effective for all colors

  • Simple to use, quick & safe

  • Requires less treatments than a majority of other methods

  • EliminInk is not a fade cream, an acid or bleach, a medical treatment, an IPL or laser treatment

How does it work? - Through a specially-formulated process, EliminInk bonds with ALL permanent makeup pigments and tattoo inks resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is NON-color dependent unlike that of laser which is color dependent.  The EliminInk Tattoo Removal System is similar to the original tattoo procedure. The EliminInk solution is applied using a tattoo over procedure. Instead of implanting ink or pigment, EliminInk’s specially-formulated solution bonds with the original tattoo and then draws the ink to the skin’s surface. This, in turn, greatly increases the potential for successful tattoo removal and decreases the overall number of treatment sessions required (as compared to what is frequently required when using the laser technique).  In addition, as noted above the EliminInk solution also contains the scar-inhibiting product, DermRenu, which helps to minimize or prevent scarring.

Does it hurt? - The treatment is very similar to being tattooed. Most clinics can apply topical anesthetic to numb the skin prior to treatment (if required).

How long does one treatment take? - A treatment takes around 30 to 45 minutes to cover a 2” x 2” tattoo (4 square inch area).

How soon will I see results? - The most extraordinary thing about EliminInk is that you will actually get to see the results in just a few days. After the treatment, a bandage is applied to the treated area. This bandage must be kept on and kept dry for 48 hours during which a scab will form over the treated area. It is possible that parts of the tattoo will be almost completely erased on just the first treatment. Many tattoos require more than one treatment; however, the results are very impressive with EliminInk and a tattoo can be completely removed in just a matter of months, compared with the extended period of time one must dedicate to having a tattoo removed with a laser.

After Treatment Care

A bandage is applied over the treated area and should be left in place and kept dry for the first 48 hours following the treatment. The bandage should NOT be airtight. The bandage should allow for air to get to the treated area allowing a scab to form and harden. The scab must be kept dry until it naturally falls off and flakes away, which will take between one or two weeks. The scab should not be picked off or scratched during the healing process as this could lead to some permanent scarring. As with any treatment that punctures the skin there is a risk of infection. The area should therefore be kept clean and dry until the skin has properly healed. If there are any signs of infection you should consult your primary care physician. After the scab has fallen off, DermRenu tissue repair solution (which works as a scar inhibitor) should be applied two (2X) times daily to the treatment area. Detailed instructions regarding “After Treatment Care” will be fully discussed at time of treatment and instructions will be provided for reference at home.

EliminInk tattoo removal treatments can only be administered by a professional certified by EliminInk.

Eliminink vs Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal works by breaking apart the ink molecules into millions of microscopic pieces so that the body’s immune system can naturally take it away.  In fact, it’s the body’s immune system that causes people’s tattoos to naturally fade in the first place.  Lasers drastically accelerate this body process.  Laser Removal has proven to be effective and has helped many people get rid of their unwanted body art.  This process usually takes between 5-15 treatments to effectively remove the tattoo.  Unfortunately, not all colors can be effectively removed with lasers as some pigments to not respond as well to treatment.  Many people also report that laser treatment is many times more painful than getting the initial tattoo.

The Eliminink Tattoo Removal method works via a very different mechanism.  First, it does not require as many treatments as laser removal.  Some tattoos are removed in as little as one treatment, with most of them being successfully eliminated in 5-6 treatments.  Since the Eliminink method requires fewer treatments, those wishing to remove their tattoos can generally save up to 25% of the cost of laser removal.  Eliminink is also less painful.  Most clients say it is only about as painful as getting a tattoo.

Unlike lasers, which break apart the ink molecules, Eliminink actually draws the ink to the skin’s surface and forms a scab.  With proper aftercare, much of the ink is removed when the skin heals and the scab falls off.  Perhaps the most important distinction between Eliminink and laser removal is that Eliminink is effective for all tattoos, regardless of the color.